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30 Day Free Trial with Nett-Tell LLC VOIP

March 28, 2016
If you've been wanting to try VOIP but didn't want to sign up for any contracts, you can try it out for free through Nett-Tell LLC, a VOIP provider, and their 30 day trial. VOIP is an amazing concept of using your pre-installed broadband internet for use with your phone. Nett-Tell LLC makes this possible by using an interesting gadget called the Linksys PAP2 and attaching it to your router.  Once you are connected you can start making calls right away. Nett-Tell LLC is also providing many additional benefits with their service that many companies don't provide. You get free caller ID and call waiting with caller ID. You also get free call forwarding and three way and conference calling. Other benefits include call filtering, blacklisting numbers, and blocking calls from people with no ID.  Should you need some quiet time you can use the do not disturb feature from your phone that turns off the ringer but still allows your callers to leave a voice message you can check later. Also, your plan comes with the option of adding music background while your callers are on hold. Your plan comes with a web portal for you to access your call log to view your missed, outgoing and incoming calls and listen to voicemails. Many times when you lose your internet connection you also lose your phone service but with Nett-Tell LLC they set up a backup number called a failover so that you can still receive calls even without internet connection for some time.